Who am I?



I found a passion in circus and developed myself as a performer.  After several years of investigation and studies in diverse disciplines and countries,  I also became a circus pedagogue to teach circus as an integration/self esteem tool.  I believe in the social impact circus can have and therefore have worked on different social circus projects.

For many years I have performed in different countries and developed circus workshops for communities, schools and groups.

Interested in how to improve my performances and training methods (yoga and dance stretching methods with classical gymnastics and circus strength training)... I entered the world of Pilates and became an instructor in the method.   Combining all my experiences, I have developed myself as a Movement & Posture Coach in order to help people improve their quality of life with a stronger and more flexible spine.

Amongst other things, I have a university degree in Social Communications, and during several years of my pre-degree worked in different media like tv, radio, PR and production/event organizer.

(You can check my CV click here)

You can contact me at: marina@mastergravity.com


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